Pyramid Manufacturing | Products
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EVA Manufacturing

This is the process where closed cell foam gets decorated with different top and bottom coatings, then heated and formed into a specific shape in a mold. That mold is then applied to other components and finished off to create a usable product (anything from a body board to an eyeglass case).

Cut and Sew

We can efficiently die-cut and sew raw materials to assemble a multitude of products and garments. These materials can range anywhere from leather to spandex, cotton, or other knit fabrics of choice. Materials can be dyed, heat treated, waterproofed, or adhered to other materials by request.

Leather and Furniture

We source domestic and foreign leathers of various types to satisfy any leather good needs from bags and accessories to tactical gloves to furniture. 

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the process of taking different types of plastics and injecting into cavities or molds to create a physical product or item. These molds can be created to form any type or size of plastic product and then decorated or customized in many ways, such as painting. 


A method of applying printed design to a 3-D surface, also known as water transfer printing/painting. These designs can be done by hand, or using spray paint or stencils with various colors to customize a product or place artwork and logos onto out items.

Optical Cases

Pyramid specializes in the design and manufacturing of a large variety of optical cases. We can make anything from microfiber bags, soft shell or hard shell cases, zippered cases, foam, metal, or plastic.  Many other options are available to accommodate any level of desired protection for your optical needs.

Microfiber Bags

We make a large variety of custom microfiber bags from embossed to silk screened and sublimated. We also fully package all microfiber bags according to customers’ needs.

Backpacks and Vests

We make backpacks and vests both domestically and in the DR and China. 

Athletic Mats

We manufacture a variety of custom athletic mats as well as trampoline bed.